May 26


“The session was unlike anything I’ve had before”

Changing stubbornly held beliefsIt’s always so gratifying to know I’ve helped. SW, from the UK, had this to share today:

There’s a saying sometimes you have to have faith. I came across Dexter in a Facebook group, he posted how a woman on jury service with him said she just knew he could help her. I don’t know what prompted me to contact him maybe it was a similar feeling of knowing. I didn’t know what sort of services he offered, I didn’t have the money to pay for sessions and I thought I don’t really know what I am doing, I felt almost like I might be almost wasting his time just to chat with him. Dexter however listened to all I said and offered me a free session as a taster to what he does and we addressed the lack of money throughout my life which has been inhibiting me.

The session was unlike anything I’ve had before. We looked at feelings emotions and reactions but instead of analysing them as one might normally in some traditional therapy Dexter got me to look at them as energy just to be felt and observed.

As the session went on I realised that I held and more importantly operated on the stubbornly held belief regarding money and other things that “I don’t know what to do, I can’t do anything and I just have to accept things” This belief has not served me well at all, but I realise also now with Dexter’s help it is just a belief and a belief is something that can be altered deleted or changed all together.

I know I have some way to go in changing my stubbornly held beliefs that I operate from, but I also know the methods I learnt from Dexter in just one single session are easy enough that with a bit of discipline I can apply them to myself and this is going to help me a lot change my way of being.

I am really grateful to Dexter for his help and his compassion and I would recommend him to others.
SW, May 2016

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