April 27


Self, Identities and Identity Processing

I’ve run Identity Processing hundreds of times, and every time I think I’ve “mastered” it, I observe yet another aspect of the creating of identities, the effects of identities, all the mechanics behind these and the unfolding of the processing of these identities. It is a fascinating phenomenon! I’d say I’ve mastered running the procedure, but there are always new and fascinating observations to be made! The interaction between the identities we project can be viewed in so many different ways, but in terms of understanding and efficiently processing, may very well be best approached through recognizing and processing simply as the creating of identities, and the energetic interchanges of encounters between projected identities.

I wonder if most people understand the progressive sequence of Alan Walter’s presence processes- the cloaking of oneself in an identity is a dramatization of perceived inability to maintain one’s own natural presence in a given environment. An identity is a “safe” substitute for being present. Therefore, if one’s ability to be present is rehabilitated, one can more easily dispense with compulsive replication of identities.

I think that the only true definition of self is simply “I am”, and the desire or need to find distinctive aspects through which to establish an identification derives from the idea or compulsion that one must “be something”, rather than to simply be, a computation such as “I must have an identity to really exist”. As Mike Goldstein has stated in communicating the observations of John Galusha, the mere fact of creating and wearing identities is not, in itself, anything bad; it is the unconscious, automatic replication of identities, and the compulsion to be an identity that should be processed away.

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