Read this amazing, uplifting testimonial!-Out of a dark place and into the light: “I feel happy and grateful, I’ve never felt this good before!”

This is an example of why I love what I do, making a difference in someone’s life. Anna G had been suffering deep feelings of anxiety, with little trust or confidence in herself for several years, following a devastating life episode. She had this to say after a session with me:

Since the session, the anxiety is just not there. I had self-doubt, and then a lot of things resolved. I instantly felt higher self-confidence. I trust my decisions more. I feel surprised!
It all seems resolved. I’ve stopped replaying moments over and over. I was fixated on what happened for so long! I’m very surprised that I don’t have that feeling anymore.
Apparently, I just needed that one session with you! I’ve been riding this good feeling for several days now, ever since that session.
This is life-changing. I feel happy and grateful, I’ve never felt this good before! I’ve become so happy, I’ve told all my friends. My soul is better, I can be a better friend to people. I’m a better person. I can focus better at work, and in every aspect of my life.
This is such a new state of mind! I feel resilient, empowered, and very, very, very grateful. Thanks, Dex!
Anna G, Florida, USA, July 2022