August 4


Pulling a False Persona out by its Roots

Good counseling is revitalizing, like a walk along a sun-dappled forest path.I was fortunate today to recognize, address and successfully deconstruct a persona of mine that had been harboring in my core/psych for a while, one that didn’t allow me to flourish. It was had been occupying my abdominal cavity, where  I would feel stress. I was able to take full responsibility for it, and, today with Dexter’s guidance, pull it out by its roots and relegate it to the  compost pile. May it do some final good by feeding the lovely flowers and herbs we need to sustain our health and well being. I’m going  forward with wonderful plans to gain momentum and sustainable goals to create balance and  order, without further procrastination. My most sincere thanks to my friend and counselor, Dexter Gelfand.

From the little “digger”,
— Stacey

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  1. Hey I dig your win Stacey!!Those little guys really like to hang out and raise havoc in the cell kingdom of human bodies.Sounds like it will be content with the new assignment. YEAHHHH

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