July 24


Practicing Mindfulness

Practicing MindfulnessTry this spiritual exercise first thing every morning: walk around outside, in a beautiful, natural environment if possible, barefoot if possible. As you slowly walk, get the full sense of the ground supporting your feet your body, and the sense of your body being supported by the ground. Notice and accept your sense of encompassing the much larger environment within you, your body and the ground merely being part of the vast world within you.Enjoy a nature walk every day and take in the sounds and sights of the life all around you, all the energies, the sounds of the birds singing, insects and other animals, forming a complete symphony of life, lose your separateness in the symphony and feel the restoration of your spiritual presence.

Know that you are one with all life, notice, accept, and feel the togetherness, have within you the pleasure of the harmony with all, and see how everything unfolds exactly as you desire. When you are in your recognition of being one with all, you assume no distinguishing identity in relation to others.

Mindfulness is presence, presence is recognizing, accepting having and feeling the pleasure of the energy emanating from all, including yourself in this precise moment of now. Experience this unique, beautiful moment!


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