December 12


The Path to Spiritual Liberations

spiritual liberation - giving you the freedom to heal yourselfI’ve spent many years learning, growing and developing in the direction of advancing the cause of therapeutic spiritual counseling, and over the past several years, I have progressed from primarily studying existing works on this topic to primarily learning through direct observation and experiencing of my clients and of life situations. The more I understand, the simpler it gets. More listening, permitting the client to simply process where their mind takes them, less talking. As they say on the classic rock stations, “Less talk, more rock”! Don’t worry so much about “what to do”, focus on letting the client process his material, and realize that, if you’re not compulsively getting in the way of it, sessions mostly consist of allowing the client to freely manifest what is present for him, and allowing him to simply and directly experience, and thus process it, rather than falling in love with “techniques” or “processes”, as these only exist to facilitate the manifesting and processing, as or when needed. The path to spiritual liberation is in the direction of less adherence to any complex systematized set of procedures, and more simply granting, and inviting the individual the freedom to follow where his spiritual compass leads him in the moment.
With Love, Dex

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  1. When you say, “More listening, permitting the client to simply process where their mind takes them, less talking.” Reminds me of Chapter 17, “The heart of the counseling process”, from the book, “The Awesome Power of the Listening Ear.” By John Drakeford. A few months ago I was told about this wonderful old book and how powerful it is, so I immediately bought it and read through it quickly. Fantastic ! Then the friend who recommended the book recommended that I actually go back through and study the book. So I am! I am reading and practicing each idea. I am learning so much about the people I am really listening to. We all need to listen. And in your business….there is no magic method of therapy more powerful than listening.

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