April 10


On Personal Power

The greatest and truest power, and perhaps the greatest satisfaction, is in granting power to another person.

“Granting power” does not mean to transfer one’s own power to another. That’s actually a very disempowering and condescending concept-“you haven’t much power, here, take some of my power, I’m a powerful source, your personal power is derived from mine, and so I’m above you, and with that understood, you can be a mini-me”.

Granting personal power is the expressed recognition of the innate power within another, and the encouragement for another to recognize and accept their own considerable personal power.

Don’t neglect or deny your own personal power, and help others to recognize and accept their own personal power, and everybody wins.

This is also as essential to conducting a good counseling session as it is to relating to others in any other situation.

Love, Dex

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