June 25


No-track – no-charge…

Take a look at the State of Case Scale in Scientology 0-8. At the very top is “No track, no charge”. That is the goal. “No Track” includes no “analytical mind”, which is its bank of facsimiles, and operates on associative thought. You might recall from Scientology 8-8008 the 3 levels of sanity- identification, association and differentiation. Association (associative thought, relating facsimiles to other facsimiles), is in the middle. The highest level of sanity is differentiation- recognizing the uniqueness of each being, action and creation without the need of a “frame of reference”. That is the level of no-track no-charge, that is pure knowingness and that is the ultimate goal.

Why we created the analytical bank? In my view, it relates to the Factors, and, after the fact of having become accustomed to locating oneself in space through the use of dimension points and anchor points, feeling that one must have these, and feeling an anxiety of being “lost” (dislocated, confused) without them. It is the liability of entry into the MEST universe.

(With love and thanks to Frank Pate for sparking this train of thought and sharing with me)

Dexter Gelfand

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