November 21


“My self has been restored, this is good!”

Often in conducting a session, it emerges that some ongoing detrimental condition is the manifestation of a persona or “self” that the client has taken on, and the immediate approach is to apply one of my techniques for deconstructing this self-construct. It works to completely remove the false and detrimental presence, and makes for a profound spiritual liberation and recovery of one’s true sense of self.

Such was the case for A.W., whose altered presence had been a dark cloud overwhelming him with feelings of sadness and inability to have and enjoy a good relationship.

A.W. has this to say after his latest session with Dex:

“This feels good, my self has been restored. Now I can project myself into the directions that I want to be in, I can make the things I want to make, I can have my self, this is good! Thank you Dex”

A.W., November 2023

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