My Mission (from the introduction to my book)

From the introduction to my forthcoming book, “Realizing Greater Expression of Self through the Recognition, Acceptance, and Application of the Natural Laws of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling”:

There is a nature preserve that I have always enjoyed walking through. There I can sense the consciousness of all the life around me, and it’s awareness of me. The profundity of this experience inspires me.

There are so many cultures, religions, and people and groups that impress upon other people their concepts of spirituality, God and the nature of existence. We can find ourselves encumbered and lost in the indoctrinations, having our sovereignty subsumed without realizing what has happened.

I endeavor to help people to unburden themselves of their externally imposed and self created spiritual architectures so that then maybe they can find the peaceful space from which to observe and connect with such essentials of coexistence on their own as they themselves find these to be, and regain all the peace, joy and serenity that is inherent in accomplishing these.

Love, Dex