My Mission in Life, as Currently Evolved and Defined

There is a nature preserve that I have always enjoyed experiencing, going back to my youth; in walking through there, I found that I could sense the consciousness in all the life around me, and its placid awareness of me. Today, in re-experiencing that connectedness in that place, the following occurred for me, in a natural flow of recognition that sharpened my awareness of exactly what my own purpose in life is:

There are so many cultures and religions, and people, and groups that impress upon other people their ideas of the connections with the spiritual world, and or God, cosmology, and such subjects as the interconnectedness and relationship of all life. All of these carry with them the heavy encumbrance of indoctrination and the subsuming of the precious joy of self realization of such things. Maybe if I keep going as I have, and just help people to unburden themselves of their own self created spiritual architectures, then maybe they can find the peaceful space from which to observe and connect with such essentials of coexistence on their own, and regain all the peace, joy and serenity that is inherent in that endeavor.

— Love, Dex
April 23, 2018