November 24


The Mechanics and Liabilities of Defining Oneself by One’s Painful Experiences

The basic means of transcending your pain, sadness, anxiety, etc, is to relax oneself, cease resisting, and let yourself experience, and effortlessly allow the energies of such feelings to be within oneself, to fully express, and to exhaust those energies in thusly digesting them. This can be routinely accomplished through Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling,

You can gradually improve your ability of allowing the presence of your energies so as to let them fully express and exhaust. Its really a matter of gaining trust in your ability to experience and withstand those energies successfully.

One thing that can make it very difficult is when you define and identify yourself as the person who has had some particular tragedy. We do this because there is so much emotional sensation we can capture and experience in doing that, and it actually feels good and soothing in some way. And it makes us interesting, and gets attention, and thus makes us feel admired, connected and important. But the identifying with the tragedy of the experience holds the pain in place, and will maintain it, on and off, until you shift out of defining self by that tragedy, and as the person in that tragedy. Dismantling self identifications is routinely accomplished through Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling.

Consider the idea of thinking, not in terms of otherwise identifying and defining yourself, but rather, simply being, rather than being something. And thereby, simply disposing of this identity that you’ve been being, as all identities taken on are limited in spectrum, and see and express only through the filters that define the identity.

There are many relative successive levels of increasingly, simply, being, as more and more deeply rooted identities are dismantled and/or discarded

The techniques to accomplish these things are known and used, and you can learn much about them by reading the articles and watching the videos on my website,

Love, Dex

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