January 30


“Learning and running the Spiritual Digestion technique has been one of the largest wins I’ve ever had”

Quite a few people have been through the Scientology experience, taking what they could and then distancing from all the unfortunate cultish trappings and the disappointments of what didn’t work out as hoped or expected.
Many of these found Alan Walter’s Knowledgism a step up, with less of a cult enforcement environment, and more advanced processes.
Then, in turn, quite a few of these seekers then found their way to therapeutic spiritual counseling and sessions with Dex, having their goals fulfilled and being happily impressed with the insights, the effectiveness and the simplicity of the work.
G.P. is one such participant. Besides his forays into those paradigms as a participant, he’s also been an experienced practitioner of Knowledgism.  G.P. has come to me to be trained and mentored in therapeutic spiritual counseling. We have recently begun his training, and this is what G.P. has to say:
“Learning and running the Spiritual Digestion technique has been one of the largest wins I’ve ever had, not a win from running something specific, but a win from what it means for my future having gained this ability to honor my Spiritual Compass and digest what comes to view, as Dex said, a future of accepting life instead of resisting it.
I understood the fact that there are no random thoughts whenever I am addressing anything. This opened the door to resolving feelings and conditions in my life that I hadn’t been able to resolve with other approaches, especially because I was given the freedom to express whatever my spiritual compass came with, instead of being bogged down with questions from a script, filled with must’s and supposed to’s or constrained by a specific philosophy.
Using the spiritual digestion technique, my partner and I have successfully handled things that in our previous experiences would have been considered “too high level” for us, making for fear to take these things on. We decided to ditch those characterizations, and now we decide for ourselves what we can handle. And the Spiritual Compass never fails to present the precise thing that is there for us to resolve and thus upgrade our life.
There is incredible freedom in this approach and also a BIG increase in my sovereignty, as the one doing most of the job is ME, I just need someone whom I can sit down with, and who can give me space and safety to voice my thoughts and feelings as they come, and guide when necessary to resolve whatever has come up. It’s fun and what you learn about yourself by doing it is invaluable.
A very unique feature about this approach is that you don’t need to subscribe to a whole philosophy or system to be able to benefit from it, it can be united with anything you are doing or with any system you already work with. Being someone who has studied many systems or philosophies, I can say that not many techniques have this feature.
I hope many others will take the opportunity to benefit from this.

Thank you Dexter!”

G. P.

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