September 15


Its been right here, all along!

More and more, I’m coming to the recognition that whatever it is that we seek, whatever it is that we need to find, be it a regained ability, empowerment, a solution to some condition or situation, or the as-yet undiscovered and not yet processed case material that we most urgently feel a need to find, it is all actually “right here”, and rather than investing effort into attempting to find it, we merely need to let go of however we are pushing at it, dispense with the efforts and energies, don’t go looking for it, and instead, just be here and allow it to present itself to you, and allow yourself to notice and experience it. This has huge practical application in processing. For years, in processing, if a client said “I can’t find anything”, I have him or her close their eyes so as not to be distracted by the surroundings, and ask him or her, “what do you see?”, and they always find the item in answer to the question is “right here” for them.  This principal is incorporated into my incident processing procedure (which I promise, I WILL finally publish shortly ), which is easier and more efficient to run than the “move to the end of that incident”, “go to the beginning of the incident”, “is there an earlier similar incident” directing of attention used in Dianetics. Instead, we have the PC close his eyes, and “Allow the incident that is ‘right here’ to fully emerge and become visible to you”, and then let them digest and experience the material in whatever natural way it is stacked, and emerges for the being. You see, the less direction we impose on what we call “the file clerk”, and the more we pay attention to what it is already presenting, the more RELEVANT and LIFE CHANGING the case material to be processed is. Instead of busily directing the being’s attention, a spiritual counselor better serves those who enlist his assistance by simply providing a context and the space and time in which they can take a break from all the misdirection that life imposes, sit back and pay attention to, and finally process, what is “right here” for them. 🙂
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