November 7


“Immense shoulder pain” resolved- “That was pretty wild!”

When I recognized that feelings are energies, it opened the door to developing the spiritual digestion technique to resolve bad or unwanted feelings. Then I reasoned that this should work just as well on physical discomforts, being that these also are feelings, and therefore, energies that remain held in place undigested because of the opposing energies of our trying to resist such feelings. And this has proven out when I’ve guided my clients to apply the very same spiritual digestion technique on the occasions when they have a physical pain or discomfort.

A few days ago, my client A. D. complained of having “immense shoulder pain”, for which he was taking over the counter pain medication without much success. And so we applied spiritual digestion, after which that pain abated, in his words, “Much better, that was pretty wild!”.

A few days later, I followed up with A.D. to check on him, “How has your shoulder been since the session?”. He responded, “Hey Dex, honestly it’s been great!”

I think it would be very helpful for medical practitioners to make use of spiritual digestion with those patients who could benefit from this. If or when you’re suffering with physical pain or discomfort, you might want to see me for some help, just as you can for a painful or uncomfortable mental or emotional feeling.

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