October 5


“I’m ready to be me”

My gains and changes accomplished through running the Presence Three identity handling procedure:

In my sessions, I found that I had been experiencing and operating in my life from the viewpoint of being a “secret person”, and I was able to very successfully discover and process all the ways this was affecting me. As a result, much more “me” opened up:

I am no longer afraid to speak up- I feel like what I say does matter, and I want to be heard. I now feel comfortable being up in front of people-even my posture is better. My faith in my abilities is restored. I’m volunteering to hold leadership positions. Now I‘m actively looking for ways to make change.

I can see what I want to have happen, and I’m able to take on more responsibility. I’m able to prioritize things that need to get done, and I can organize my thoughts better. I want to get things done and completed, to answer emails and other communications without putting things off, and to be more consistent.

I’m ready to be me and not do things merely to please other people. I’m taking responsibility for what happens in my life.

Loving Life!
Kim Gambino
October 3, 2013

(with permission)

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