June 28


“I’m glad I didn’t chicken out!”

Glad I didn't chicken out on getting counseling.Jacob is a young man finding his way in the world, who asked to take advantage of my ongoing program of providing a free session to just about anyone, with no strings attached.We did our session, and it went very well, and Jacob was excited about how much things changed in his perspective and outlook. Now that its been a few weeks, I contacted him to check on how it seemed now, how different were things for him, how lasting the effects of the session were for him.

Jacob sent me the following, giving permission to share with you:

Doing the power process was really interesting, an analogy I had for it after was like this condition that bothered me maybe 12 years was like a sword at my throat, and when I was done it was like I had turned it around, and now I had a sword at IT’S throat, but instead of executing that thing I now was bigger than, I reached out my hand and helped it up off the ground, reconciling basically.

But yeah, I definitely felt bigger than the issue I had coming into the session, and I blew it away. I’d say it was a little distracted for 3 days or so afterwards, but it normalized and I felt better than ever.

I’m glad I didn’t chicken out on asking you for a session, because I definitely thought about calling it off or not asking to do it at all.

It might just be in my head, but I’ve noticed a bit that I’m actually liked by the ladies more, as it were. I’ll just say I feel more respected by the opposite sex, and I respect them more too. It was definitely cool to see the change and the difference.

Thanks kindly for that, and I’ll definitely do it again sometime when I can.

– Jacob Hoy, June 28, 2016

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