April 30


“I have gained an expansive beingness”

A big win occurred during my last session with Dex. I
can’t say there was a single solitary moment but all I know is
that I have an expanded ability as a being. When striving for
success in the past, I assumed the role of what I termed “the
faker”, meaning that I would show up as if I were qualified or
already accomplished, the “right choice”, etc. but deep down
I believed otherwise. this served me life up to a point but in
the back of my mind I thought if they ever found out who I
(really) was I would be ostracized or exposed,
excommunicated (or worse) to just get me from playing big.
In reality, I wasn’t just playing a smaller game I was playing
the wrong game.
I was able to look and make decisions based on my authentic
self; not some conjured or fabricated identity that looked like
me. Because of my sessions with Dex, I have been able to
look at who I was what was pretending to be and tapped into
the idea of me being a Godlike spiritual being and therefore I
chose a non-linear path or quantum leap in the expression of
my divine potential. Whether or not this decision bears fruit
is irrelevant; I have gained an expansive beingness.
Problems of a lesser order of magnitude are blowing away
like chaff. Much of the entheta that was sucking the life out
of me has been turned back into theta. Nice.
The blinders are coming off. I am regaining abilities like
intuition, perception and rapid decision-making in my
business and family life. I look forward to my “Dextersizing”
sessions and in no small way I am blowing through limiting
beliefs and hanging out consistently in the area of better
games. Thank you!
Danny Gambino

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