I feel light sensations, deep calm, and immense gratitude!

JJ has spent decades seeking and experience spiritual processing practices that many of my friends are well acquainted with and experienced in. He had this to share after his most recent session with me:

Dex, I’m in awe of your depth and clarity, your spiritual intuitive know-how! Absolutely brilliant! I feel light sensations, deep calm, and immense gratitude! Thanks, Dex!
August 2019

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Trained, interned and experienced Graduate level V, Power Processing Specialist, Specializing in advanced custom-tailored processing techniques for your particular spiritual, emotional and physiological conditions, needs, wants, interests and aspirations. Services include:
  • Case repair
  • Repair of previous auditing
  • Resurgence of earlier gains
  • Unhandled case items
  • Unaccomplished auditing goals
“Raise your expectations, do not compromise!”