November 27


How to Succeed!

Suffering from anxiety, fears, depression? Yes, of course, I can help you to find relief, and gradually increase your accessible capacity for happiness and emotional stability. But it generally doesn’t all totally and permanently happen from a single session, or two, or three, its a work in progress with tangible changes along the way.

And meanwhile, you cannot, and should not, be in counseling sessions for as much of your time as you need to be engaged in your current life, in the moment, and in producing and accomplishing the things that make life worthwhile, contribute to life, and sustain you and others. Or for as much time as you should be just plain old enjoying the moment and having fun!

So, in the minutes when when you aren’t engaged in therapeutic counseling, you cannot afford to float backward in the inertia of your distress, and if you spend your time trying to seek comfort through familiar people, places and things, that becomes a bottomless hole that never gets you there, so don’t waste your time and frustrate yourself. There’s a better way, and its all about what you want, and not what you think you need to avoid.

Love, Dex

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