July 30


How Pain, Trauma and Fear is Successfully Relieved

Recounting traumatic experiences is but one vehicle of many for anyone in counseling to accept, assimilate, digest, process and be relieved of the pain, shock, distress, trauma, and fear impressed into the experience.

More essentially than the narrative, the story and the details of any such experience is the particular frequency and character of the energies embedded in that time passage, which is experienced as the particular feelings and sensations therein. All disturbing feelings and sensations are energies that are so difficult to experience that we react by resisting absorbing the energy.

Resisting doesn’t allow the pain, trauma, shock, and fear to ever be digested and processed, and so instead it will carry forward, along with your effort to push it back. Resistance may be a natural tendency, but it isn’t a true solution. The problem only persists, never goes away.

To get relief, those disturbing energies must be successfully allowed to pass through, be passively and effortlessly absorbed, and thus be digested, at which point the pain and trauma are disintegrated.

There can be any number of ways to accomplish this. What is best for you is whatever means provide for the accepting, absorbing and digesting of the actual energies, experienced as feelings and sensations, themselves. Recounting the experiences that have those feelings embedded in them, through any number of means, is one path, but asking for experiences and stories is less direct than directly opening up to those energies, the feelings and sensations themselves, directly, as these will be found and contained in many related experiences; and it is the energies themselves that are the essence.

— Love, Dex

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