How I “Do That”

Changing stubbornly held beliefsToday, one of my clients, in looking over her notes about the sessions we’ve done, asked me over email, “You’ve done sessions with me that have taken as long as six hours! Oh my God, how do you do that?” What follows below is my answer, verbatim:

“Sometimes my clients seem to marvel about how I can be there with them for some number of hours, I guess because they find it tedious to sit through another person’s taking that sort of time in expressing themselves. But for me it isn’t work, I’m inspiring, inviting, welcoming and encouraging somebody to connect with and successfully process all that has thrown them into a state of reactive resistance, and freeing themselves to integrate and thus regain the fuller spectrum of all that they are and all that they could be, and its the easiest, most interesting and fulfilling thing in the world for me, and I’m enthused and privileged to do it.

Tonight I listened to a favorite radio sports commentator sign off from his program for the final time, and in thanking the audience, related what he told his children:

“Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life”. And that is also my philosophy, what I’ve done and what I do. Hope that answers your question!”

Love, Dex