August 24


Here’s a little gift, from me to you

Sunlight streaming down
credit: Dinev

There’s a technique I use for myself to start every day. It can boost your presence and your connectedness to and with all. It’s meant to be done outdoors, moving around. “The body” refers to your own body; simply apply the instructions in whatever way feels natural for you; think of “permeate” as “to completely pervade, as water permeates a sponge”.

Try doing this every day for a month and see what you notice as you do it-and by all means, have fun with it!

Love, Dex

Find, Feel, Permeate, Be, Create

Find the body
Feel the body
Permeate the body
Be the body
Create the body

Find the environment around you*
Feel the environment around you*
Permeate the environment around you*
Be the environment around you* including the body
Create the environment around you*
*(including the body)

Find the world**
Feel the world**
Permeate the world**
Be the world**
Create the world**
**(including the body and the environment around you)

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