September 16


The Full Realization and Stabilization of Session Gains Made:

Many, perhaps most of us who have “done the work” to achieve meaningful gains have suffered the disheartening occurrence of “roller-coastering:” the loss or instability of gains made.

You may have heard of, or even experienced what some call “up the pole” phenomena: an ascension to a dramatically life-changing state of existence, ability, and perception. This can happen to anyone, through any processing technique, including those that a person might think of as “low level”, in which case one’s gains may be met with non-acceptance, which can be very hard on you when you’d want and/or expect appropriate recognition. There are reasons why, sometimes this new, higher state of existence is disrupted. There can be a steep crash from the heights of your ascension, one so deeply disturbing that you find yourself in a chronic state of agitation, along with a gnawing hunger to regain your spiritual ascension.

Until that absorbing condition is resolved, all processing sessions are of little use; the longer it goes on, the tougher it gets. People spend decades in that state, and frequently exploring (albeit unsuccessfully) every possible means of resolution.

Alan Walter, a leading contributor to the techniques of Scientology in the early to mid 1960’s, is credited with recognizing and coining the term “ascension crash”. He left the organization around 1982, part of the great exodus of that time, and continued in developing spiritual processing techniques and advancing the field. These included a procedure for stabilizing the most meaningful of gains, which when applied directly following such an ascension, pre-empts the possibility of any such crash.

The technique for stabilizing (and, in the process, bringing about an expanded realization of) outstanding session gains when they occur is called the “Recognition of Regained Abilities, States, and Wins Procedure.” It is a magnificent and vital missing piece from the “standard” spiritual processing playbook.

Having mastered this procedure and used it in hundreds of sessions, I cannot overstate how valuable it has proven for my clients. It is a game changer. Without it, the best session gains tend to be less than fully realized, and often impermanent. The Recognition of Regained Abilities, States, and Wins Procedure is truly an indispensable processing tool, one that no practitioner should deny his clients. It’s that good, and that important.

The Recognition of Regained Abilities, States and Wins Procedure pinpoints, addresses and resolves every possible cause of the diminishing or loss of your recently accomplished gains and changes. It also brings about a greater realization of your gains and changes. If you have sessions with me, in time YOU will get to experience the Recognition of Regained Abilities, States, and Wins Procedure!

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