May 31


From my heart, what I would like to help everyone to better know and live..

Be as you create yourself, you are your own being, and nobody else’s. People will always cast their impression of you, good, bad or indifferent, onto you, that is what “relating to others” is, along with presenting an impression of oneself to others. Identities are not something natural and hard-wired into us, they are what we decide we are, regardless of whether it comes from our own envisioning of self or from another; in truth, these are changeable, and only as “permanent” as we make or accept them. It can be light, and fun, when consciously being who or what you enjoy being, and it can be a cement casing when it is otherwise. We are often far too susceptible to the impressions of ourselves cast onto us by others, and likewise, we can be far too careless in adopting impressions of others, and casting these onto them. There is an expression, “granting beingness”- this doesn’t mean to cast your idea of another onto them, even if it is meant or thought to be complimentary; it means to grant to others that they are as great as they conceive themselves to be, in whatever attributes, qualities, abilities and aspects. Regard yourself entirely as you envision yourself, and grant the same to others; it may well be impossible to do this all the time, but it is something to work toward, and aspire to. Allow yourself to soar to those great heights you do know to be where you belong, and allow the same to others. You don’t need anyone else’s envisionment, good or bad, of you, and the same is true for others; simply be supportive!

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