October 24


From my forthcoming book, “Honoring your Spiritual Compass”: Knowing which technique to use when.

An important facet of using Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling effectively is knowing which technique to use when.
It always comes down to what is relevant NOW. As your session progresses, different spiritual architectures can arise- a moment of shock, a dominant persona, a chronic condition, a Rigid Protective Attitude, etc.

Often, when my participant articulates an issue he or she is having, the first question I will ask is, “Does this resonate with you primarily as a condition you experience, or the attribute or characteristic of some persona you find yourself being?”

If the answer is that it resonates primarily as a condition, then the Resolution Technique would be the choice. However, it could also turn out that more specifically, your participant is describing a moment of shock, or it can start out as a condition to be processed, and then as you continue with the Resolution Technique, a primal moment of shock can emerge. If so, following the essential natural law of processing what is relevant now, you would shift over to the Moment of Shock Release Technique…

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