August 26


“I feel utterly changed—I’ve become myself!”

I feel utterly changed- I’ve become myself! - beautifully colored sky and waterAudrey is a very talented writer who has been seeking help unblocking her creativity and productivity, and in resolving the things that were causing her distress:

I’m starting to feel like a wizard who can conjure up anything she pleases. This feeling of confidence is so extreme. All of us are wizards, and we just don’t know it. I was in such extreme distress before our sessions started. I’m convinced now that I created it. I can create whatever I want, and not compromise myself, and that’s my spiritual compass. Thanks Dex, I owe it all to you!

Now my writing is pouring out of me, and its some of the most beautiful stuff I’ve ever written. I no longer believe in any imposed paradigms. I just believe in laughter and love — August 26, 2016, Friday — we’ve broken through! I feel utterly changed: I’ve become myself. I never could have imagined this freedom!

I don’t have to be less than I am! I don’t care about anything that happened before now. I can manifest extraordinary things, and I don’t have to compromise.

Thank you Dex, you’re amazing!

Love, Audrey

– Audrey Davenport, August 26, 2016

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