August 27


False “Me” Deconstruction – “I can’t wait to see what my life is going to be like now!”

The struggle to overcome the collection of personae within us is timeless and universal. We are all affected by the dysfunction inherent in this human condition, and to the degree that it can be transcended, self-realization and the accomplishment of all we aspire to becomes within our reach.

False “Me” deconstruction can be very rewardingly and effectively used when chronic inappropriate and/or undesirable attitudes are evident. The more experienced and perceptive the practitioner, the more obvious and frequent the manifestations of identities become.

Anytime the participant has completed processing some condition or traumatic incident, they can and should be asked if there is some persona they took on through encountering and experiencing that incident or condition. More often than not, the answer will be “Yes”, and a persona that has been dominating much of the client’s presence, attitude and behavior will now be available for processing and resolution. The resultant restoration of self through this procedure are of such magnitude that it falls upon the processor’s shoulders to avail the client of these gains at every opportunity.

This procedure includes some previously extant elements developed by earlier people in the field, such as the late Alan Walter, however, augmented and reworked so as to address related spiritual/mental material that was beyond the scope of what was being addressed. I consider this procedure as essential and indispensable. The results tend to be spectacular, and nearly every client I’ve used this procedure with on the first time through has remarked, verbatim or very close to it. “I can’t wait to see what my life is going to be like now!”

The procedure is best applied by an experienced practitioner familiar with my approach to therapeutic spiritual counseling, but will likely yield impressive spiritual liberation and the attendant changes if applied with patience, confidence, and passion by anyone who is so inclined. Besides providing this service as part of my own Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling, I do offer a mentoring service for any and all aspiring or experienced practitioners.

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