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“Expectations become projections and filters…” An excerpt from my book, “Honoring Your Spiritual Compass”

“Expectations become projections and filters…” An excerpt from my book, “Honoring Your Spiritual Compass”Expectations become projections and filters, compromising the purity of “Simply take what you get”

Spiritual digestion is an effortless process of letting what is relevant find you. Effortlessness includes letting go of the drive to explain things or find answers. Seeking attributions for internal material becomes a distraction, and a diversion from simply letting it all clarify for you.

As explained in quantum physics, “the observer affects the experiment”. What we perceive is colored by whatever we expect to see, beliefs assumptions, and any indoctrinations about things that we come to expect become filters of how we will shape and create how and what we see. If you expect to find your inner material to conform to some preconceived notion, then that will tend to affect and bias how we will perceive that material. Through indoctrination or other inclination, your recognition and digestion of the material revealed and provided by your spiritual compass can be compromised by filters of perspective and ingrained narratives. And so Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling is best accomplished by projecting nothing at all, and just seeing and taking whatever comes forth. And so part of the work of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling is to recognize, process and purify you of perceptual filters and biases.

Any specific expectations that would define the essence or attribution of whatever condition one may be processing can be an impediment to arriving at fully digesting as it ultimately is: a formless nothing.

While we are always best served by taking exactly what our spiritual compass presents, to fully succeed in ultimate resolution, we must remain mindful of dropping out of effortlessness and putting effort into “finding” forms, “logical explanations”, etc., and if and when this happens, simply returning to recognizing that we are merely penetrating layers of created forms, on the path to finding that point of “a formless nothing”, and thus the ultimate resolution of whatever has maintained some persistent form.

We need to address to digest and resolve compulsions to attribute negative conditions to some preconceived explanation, and anything that distracts us from purely processing things simply as they are.

And more importantly, rather than having what we encounter link our minds to something with some superficially similar content, it’s so much better to be able to see every moment and situation as the unique experience that every moment could and should be, and so be fully present in the moment, and thereby much more smoothly, lightly and successfully move through life.

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