The Essential Dynamic of “Processing”

Essentially, when we experience something undesirable, we tend to identify ourselves by the condition that impacts us. We take the bad condition on as a unique thing that we have, and we become the particular person with that particular condition – it becomes our identity, that which distinguishes us from others. We also tend to feel that, in having whatever such problems, that it makes us less than everyone else, not realizing that everyone else struggles with the same assumption.

The therapeutic “magic” of spiritual counseling is in the counselor’s taking in all that the participant is feeling and expressing, so as to really take in the depth of the particular energies that have become embedded in the participant, and conveying that this is taking place. With this occurring, the experience and energies, having been taken in by the practitioner, are no longer uniquely the property of the participant, and so no longer serve as a means of distinct identification for the participant, thus releasing and freeing the participant from that material.

In short, when the practitioner successfully brings the participant to experience and then express the painful energy to the counselor, and the counselor then fully and observably takes it in, it is then recognized that the undesirable condition is no longer a unique and defining quality of the participant, and it is thereby released, and the participant, typically, is released, rejuvenated, and happy. Because accomplishing a spiritual liberation from chronic painful material is what the participant is here to accomplish!

Love, Dex

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