February 24


“I don’t know if I’ll ever need more sessions!”

In my approach, the practitioner’s purpose should be to facilitate the accomplishing of whatever the participant’s goals and purposes are for having the sessions. And so, for me, there is nothing more satisfying than when the participant can say that they have accomplished their goals through our sessions.

One occurrence that has occasionally happened in the history of related and preceding counseling paradigms is what has been called “going up the pole”, or “ascensions”, in which a very high spiritual state of existence and ability is realized, only to later drop down and out of that state and those abilities, which is extremely disturbing to experience. When this has happened, the being typically becomes obsessed with regaining that state.

It sometimes has been experienced through the “auditing” procedures of Scientology, from whence the “going up the pole” expression comes, the thinking there being that the participant was “over his or her head”, and the state was beyond their ability to maintain. Alan Walter had been a key researcher/developer of Scientology techniques, and later left the group to continue to progress in new and further reaching ideas and procedures. Alan used the “ascension” term, and had his own concept of it, this being that one transcended the adopted and/or created persona that they had been encumbered in and moved up to another, more advanced, knowing and powerful persona, which then exposed them to more formidable phenomena, which in turn drove them to “crash”, in his terms, “ascension crash”. I have observed that every person who has had this happen has become obsessed with regaining the state, and only participates in sessions after that to pursue regaining the state, and, using conventional paradigms, become frustrated and disappointed.

Alan did develop an “Ascension Crash” restoration procedure, but when I looked it over, I found it to be long and complex, requiring on average, probably over 15 hours or more of session time, and I questioned in my mind whether or not it would necessarily reliably fully and stably restore the ascension state, although I was impressed with some of the techniques involved.

To this end, I gave the situation some thought, and I did come up with a technique that, in one single session, resolved at the very minimum, the obsession about the state. Interestingly, the obsession is gone so suddenly and thoroughly that most commonly, the participant will continue forward without voicing any recognition, after that session, that they ever had such an obsession, and only think about what is on their mind now.

I.M. Had been a Scientology “mission holder” and had done the full Scientology “bridge” (the full gamut of available techniques, from bottom to top) through “original OT VII” in those times before leaving Scientology in 1980. She came to me after seeing one of my videos about identity processing that struck a chord for her. She was stuck in “ascension crash” state, obsessed with regaining the high spiritual state that had come and gone for her.
Through our session today, she recognized having now fully and stably accomplished her ascension, in her own terms,

“The ability to postulate (create purely through thought and decision) and have things happen creatively now!”

I.M. went on to say,
“I don’t know that I’ll ever need more sessions!”

That last statement, in my perspective, is the most wonderful thing a practitioner like myself could hope to hear a participant say.

After the session, I.M. volunteered the following:

“I’d like to share some thoughts about Dexter. His perceptions and abilities to know what to attack and when, along with his ability to see the person in front of him put him in a very special category as an auditor (Therapeutic Spiritual Counselor).

Having had extensive auditing experiences on both sides of the table, I am in a position to know someone who knows what he’s doing and is creative. You go, Dexter!”

– I.M., February 24, 2017

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  1. Hi Dex,

    Been a while since in touch, from here in (mostly) sunny Durban, South Africa. Yep, our summer and some 8 hours ahead of you guys in the U.S.

    I just have to say, Dex. what an amazing career you have actualized, from thence to hence. Truly wonderful to see the results you continue to produce, considering you are “merely a discredited squirrel” (lol) in the eyes our former COS “solution” (now sadly, just another expiring mental institution for the hypnotized “sheeple” donating their fleece to the Lurch Of COBology – … (splutter, splutter, fart, @#$>$$$!!!< grrrr.*+@% ~~ )

    Irresistible sarcasm aside,(LOL) Dex, what I’m seeing here on your magnificently created site, is such an enormous breath of fresh air. I’m just amazed by your capacity to just laser through all the gumppp, toss out a warehouse chock-a-block full of superfluous (ARDUOUS) processes. .. Ahem, as I was saying Dex …..

    Magnificent job, Dex. You will be hearing from moi, very shortly. 🙂

    ML, Calvin.

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