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Creation and Perception: Part One of My Talk at the 2015 Freezone Convention

cone-nebula-11178_640For several years I participated as a featured speaker at yearly “Freezone” conventions, held for those people with Scientology-related interests. Having been a highly trained and experienced practitioner of Scientology counseling has been a significant life experience for me, and played a part in my continued and continuing growth and evolution as a therapeutic spiritual counselor, and there have been elements that I have found useful and beneficial, especially since I’ve been disengaged from the strictures of that paradigm, and able to freely re-examine, and change as I see fit to better align with my own vision of how best to help others to accomplish their own particular goals and purposes, as opposed to those of any authoritarian group or organization.

I must apologize in advance for not having filtered out all the Scientologese lingo, but please do feel free to contact me to clear up any questions or confusions.

I have reworded much of what I said to better communicate, and to compensate for the substandard audio quality of the video of my talk. I have broken it down into sections, of which this is part one. You can watch the video of the full talk on the “Videos” page of this website.

Dex: Hi, guys, can you hear me OK, in every spot? First of all, Trey (to Trey Lotz)-I’m just thinking about what you were saying about being exterior versus in the body, you know. What do you think of the idea that occupying space within the body and occupying space outside of the body are not necessarily mutually exclusive?

Trey Lotz: You are probably doing both..sure.

Dex: I think sometimes all the talk about interior versus exterior (spiritually, in relation to being inside or outside one’s body) can bring about a condition of living that dichotomy, being restimulated (triggered) by being either one or the other…

I’ve got a million things I could talk about, I don’t come with a particular plan- very much like the way I conduct a session [laugh]..Well, “GPM’s” (“Goals Problems Mass”, a term meant to encompass the basis and ramifications of all things that trouble us spiritually and emotionally- continue reading for more-DG) has very much been a subject of discussion today with all the enlightening information first from Rolf (Rolf Dane) and Heidrun (Heidrun Beer) and then with Trey, so I think I’ll give you my spin on that. You know, I’m finding that at this point that you can learn just as much if not more from just been present with your client, with your PC in session observing what’s happening, you know. I’ve made some interesting observations I haven’t seen written anywhere before. Anyway, one thing would be the whole idea of perception versus creation, as being two separate things. I’ve been convinced… three, I guess I realized that about five or six years ago, that creation and perception are really two different sides of the same coin. They cannot be separate from each other. I like to use a word envision or envisionment, because that’s where these two concepts come together. And it’s very true for me anyway, that you experience what you create and the way you experience things is your way that you are creating them for them to be experienced by you. Which is why two people can experience the same thing very differently.

And as to the subject of “GPM’s” at this point, as I am processing these daily, if you’re doing any negative case gain processing at all, some part of that is what you are addressing. So, anyway, the way I see it at this point, there are three basic elements to GPMs, and most of the earlier approaches that I’ve seen, they had a hole in focusing on two of the three, not necessarily the same two. The way I see it – the three components of what Hubbard called “GPM’s,” what Alan Walter called “Games Matrix”, what Enid Vien called “Games Sphere”, which, I kind of like that way (of saying it).. Anyway, -you have identities, you have purposes, and you’ve got the exchanges of energy, or the energetic interactions between identities, forwarding their purposes. One way you can define identity, I’ve never seen it defined these ways, but an identity could be defined as the embodiment of a particular purpose, an identity is created and experienced to forward a particular purpose. That’s the basis of an identity.

You know, you never stop learning, if you want to. In our last convention, Trey, you and I both learned some interesting things from each other, which immediately we found we were applying, and saying, “Hey, that’s pretty cool!”, you know, and what I picked up from you- I’m very experienced and involved in the processing of identities (Using some technique to, in greater or lesser degree, free you of one of your “identities” prefabricated “personas” that are triggered in you when you encounter certain people and situations. A common condition, in which everything- how you feel, how you see things, your attitude and reactions- are all filtered through then triggered “persona” that is currently engaged for you-DG) — I happen to use my own enhanced and modified version of Alan Walter’s Presence Three, which is really, really great; I became aware of one particular hole in that… It is really wonderful, Presence Three, even just in it’s original form. What amazed me, is that every single person I processed on that form of identity processing, or more than 98% of them would say, and most commonly, in these exact words: “I can’t wait to see what my life is going to be like now”, – that’s pretty amazing! You know, I’ve learned more things as I went along, but… Last year Trey was talking about the subject of GPM’s and identities and he brought up something that- Wow, I can’t believe I missed that before, Alan missed that too, but — the relation between purposes and identities…

I just added this right in where I felt it belonged on the sequence of steps of Presence Three Identity Handling-Its the question of, “What has your purpose been for creating and maintaining that identity?” You know? Because if you don’t nail that purpose and re-examine that purpose in everything- you know, in all the negative gain processing, sometimes a process, in my opinion, it doesn’t go deep enough, you process away this thing, but if you don’t process away the condition, or the tendency and/or the attraction to creating that thing in the first place, it will re-manifest in same or similar form.

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