June 17


I couldn’t have said it better myself!

I am OK as a personOne of the things I’ve noticed in doing thousands of hours of counseling sessions with hundreds of clients is that most, if not all people have some sort of spiritual architecture casting a dark shadow over them at times, imposing fear, anxiety and depression, however it may be suppressed in daily life, and when those energies are activated, people feel that they are “not normal”, that they are particularly “defective”. They think that because such things aren’t readily observable in other people, that the rest of us don’t have such lows within us. Of course, that isn’t really the case, but thinking that way is in itself a substantially painful issue.
And so, when you come to recognize that you are as “OK” as the next person, even while there remains work to be done, you have made a major step forward, and you enjoy great relief.
One European client of mine, a very talented and aspiring writer, is amusingly succinct in her expression of having achieved this personal milestone:
“My shit isn’t any shittier than anyone else’s shit!”
-Audrey Davenport, June 13, 2016
Thank you Audrey, I couldn’t have said it better myself!
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