December 28


Chris Shares a Profound Recognition

It isn’t all that unusual in sessions for the participant to come to recognize some deep and pervasive truth, greatly changing and expanding your perspective. My clients, enjoying the freedom and convenience of working in sessions directly over the internet, come from all over this world. Chris shares a deep personal session revelation from his home in Thailand:

In relation to our session today, addressing the stabilizing of gains made:

Dex helped me to secure my source of the decision to be or not to be. I feel I know where the questioning even came from — referring to the very eloquently stated question I believe written in literature associated to the name Shakespeare.

To be or not to be is actually participate or not participate. I have left that vulnerable to condition. If a condition changed so then would the decision. If it isn’t clear yet what I’m saying, when left to condition or state of a condition – to be or not to be — then one loses the choice to the vulnerability of the state of condition… and kind of hangs one in the question of the state: Will the state change or not? So leaving the choice to the condition locks one to the condition as for attention to the condition — is it changing or not?

This win is still “fresh” and needs more “process” time but there it is stated as above.

Thanks Dex.

— Chris D.

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