January 8


“Can’t do it, until…” ?

I’m very good at what I do, which is to guide and assist you in accomplishing your purposes for yourself, to resolve whatever needs resolving. But just as it is your drive to accomplish these goals of resolution and accomplishment that really powers your progress, there remains an essential aspect of getting all the way there:

Whatever negatives may manifest, no matter how strongly- ask yourself, “What purpose or responsibility of mine would this excuse me from doing, accomplishing,  making meaningful, substantial progress, from producing right now? What would I be if not for this problem?” And whatever the answer is, DO that thing, now, no matter what, until you penetrate the “how hard it is”, and it gets easier- and then, KEEP DOING IT!

Your casting aside the idea that “I can’t now”, and making it happen, will greatly augment your progress in our sessions, or in whatever therapeutic modality you engage in. It may very well bring out pain of various kinds, worries, confusions, etc; but then it means that your efforts are flushing such mental and spiritual debris to the surface, presenting directly to be effectively processed in your sessions.

And so, whatever it is your issues seem to prevent you from doing, along with effective counseling and processing, it most certainly falls upon your shoulders to press forward, and rise to the occasion, to ensure your increasing success in making progress in your sessions, and in your active life.

Love, Dex

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