October 26


Attitude is the enemy of intellect. Attitude is poison, and shared presence is the antidote.

Attitude is the enemy of intellect. When you are lost in a driven attitude, you disable your ability to listen, to observe, to learn, to simply be present without the all-encompassing shield that is in fact your substitute for having what is present and being present. This is exemplified in conversations about politics, about religion, throughout social media, and all the cult-like social contrivances contaminating spiritual, religious, politically oriented and other groups that center around such ideas as “only we have it right”, “ours is the only true/correct/successful/workable way/worldview”, imbuing recruits, converts and adherents with hostility, unacceptance and dismissiveness toward anything that becomes defined and projected as being in opposition to the party line. Crime and abuse are the result of “not accepting what we know is The Way”, social and economic hardship are “because of the other political party/religious adherents/culture/nationality”, and faults are found, projected and exaggerated where they may not even actually exist, all simply self-supporting efforts to maintain an attitude.

One solution to attitude is presence, as in being in the presence of someone projected to be “the enemy”, and to engage and connect with them. Attitude is poison, and shared presence is the antidote.

Love, Dex

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