March 28


“Anger is just fear with a mask”- Carlos Santana

In the past year or so, in working with my participants (I prefer the term “participants” to “clients”, I think it is more accurate and descriptive), in seeing, feeling and experiencing the energies of their minds, as well as my own, I have come to a breakthrough recognition:

Anger is an attempt to suppress or overcome fear.

This is very meaningful to recognize. An angry person is desperately trying to stave off some underlying fear in relation to whatever they are emoting anger about. This has much practical application, both in life situations and in therapeutic counseling. I have shared this with others, usually having it understood and well received, if not necessarily with the same excitement or enthusiasm this discovery has for me, as someone keenly interested in always gaining a deeper understanding of the mind and spirit, and applying it to help spiritually liberate others.

But what inspired me to share this enlightenment broadly at this time, is that just now, for the first time, I have seen where another person expressed having realized the same thing; a very spiritual individual, a great musician, none other than Carlos Santana.

I’ve just begun reading Carlos’ autobiography, “The Universal Tone, Bringing my Story to Light”, and in the introduction, he shares this:

“Before, I did not know that anger is just fear with a mask. Now I know that, and I have to move on.” How beautiful, and how true; and how wonderful it is to find a spiritual kinship with such a great spirit!

I’m sure there have to be other enlightened people in the world who have come to recognize this pervasive truth, but I find it striking after all this time, to finally find someone else has recognized the same thing, and to come across it this way.

Love, Dex

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