November 23


An holistic perspective: Personality and Free Spirit.

From the holistic spiritual perspective, a fixed set of characteristics is not natural to a being. It is something indoctrinated, taken on, and/or imposed, and it is a limiting filter and projector of attitude, behavior, and ability to experience. Any persona is something to be liberated from, so as to regain the full scope and spectrum of your being. An “identity” can only accept, understand, experience, recognize, have, and engage with those things that fall within the thin range of its narrow parameters. A free spiritual being isn’t trapped in any attitude or behavior pattern. A free spirit feels no internal inhibiting or enforcing pressure or resistance.

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  1. Wow, sounds great. But what if some ‘identity’ is being projected upon you from multiple viewpoints due to third party. It’s a present time, ongoing, protested creation. We live in a time where this is rampant, and used to hurt and punish. You’re almost forced to prove yourself right, in order to escape the non-optimum scenarios others want to impose.

    1. ALL identities are projections, whether internally or externally sourced or imposed, and only occur with some agreement and acceptance of our own. And the techniques exist to resolve all, self-imposed or otherwise. As occurs regularly with my “False me deconstruction” and “Personality image projection” resolution techniques. “Forced to prove yourself right” is one of the infinite quantity of games we invest ourselves in through the taking on of the requisite roles, or identities. The game itself is resolved with my “Opposition process” technique, also called the “Harmony restoration technique”.

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