October 9


A simple statement: Processing, negative mental material, why negative mental material sometimes resists being resolved through processing:

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credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net/Evgeni Dinev

This came to mind as a clear and concise way to explain what we’re doing in our processing sessions:

In processing, what we are doing, essentially, is deconstructing one’s own creations that have become undesirable. This is a process of mental “digestion”, by any effective technique, of what has impacted the being with too much speed, confusion and/or force to be mentally digested fully enough as it originally occurred. When this negative material still persists, after and/or when addressed in processing, this is because of some attitude/decision the being has made which left them securely invested in that negative material. When this is the case, we call that attitude/decision, which was intended to serve and protect them in some way at the time of installation, a “stubbornly held protective attitude”. When this situation presents itself, that attitude/decision itself needs to be addressed, processed and unraveled in order for the undesirable negative mental material to then give way to processing.

Love, Dex

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