September 30


“The possibility of new beginnings is once again opening up”

cloud-143152_640I would like to share a win……I have been hearing about Dexter and what a good auditor he is, and I was fortunate enough to experience a session with him the other day. He had complete willingness to help me and to devote the session to whatever I wanted to look at. His intention and ARC were always present, and even though we were separated by a considerable distance, it seemed to me he was very much in the room with me.

He helped me to gain a new outlook on some very old problems, and a sense that something could be done about things that I previously considered fixed and impossible. I perceived that this was very much his viewpoint, that something can be done about anything. I also got from him the sense that life should be enjoyed, and if you are not enjoying life, something needs to be done about that. There is no need to get into the effort of life and doing things, life should be and can be smooth and effortless. The possibility of regaining these viewpoints is now coming back to me. The possibility of new beginnings is once again opening up. Thank you so much Dexter , and more power to you and your purposes in life. Cheers, Warren

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