November 4


“I’ve never experienced a piece of self-knowledge, or self-certainty, that affected my case so much.”

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Lately I’m on a roll with meaningful advances in processing procedures. Minutes ago, this success story landed in my inbox, from a current client in relation to running my newly revised version of the Attitude Dismantling Procedure (advanced service facsimile processing):

“Just some background information; I’ve had a lot of auditing and rundowns within the church, including two Ls. I did not achieve anything close to the promoted EPs of these rundowns. I felt like a fraud receiving my L11 certificate in the Flag auditorium. I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars for this “advanced tech” and only ended up with somatics (some of them quite vicious), a lowered tone level and a depleted bank account. After witnessing and experiencing constant violations of standard tech and policy, even at the Mecca of Technical Perfection, I felt there was no hope for Mankind anymore, let alone for my case. Later on, I had become very sick, most probably as a result of unflat actions within my auditing programs, and more items had become unflat the more the auditors and C/Ss tried to flatten them. There was no positive gain on my case because of this, but there definitely was a positive gain to the church’s coffers and what they laughably call “production” stats.

I was quite literally at death’s door when I found Dex. After receiving a very laudatory recommendation that I see him, and watching several of his internet videos, I felt that his beingness was one I could trust, even with my immortality. So I started auditing with Dex and I’ve had several life-changing wins after several Power sessions, Identity Processes, Shock Handlings and other processes that aren’t “standard” church tech. My most powerful sessions have been with Dex, not with the church nor their much-vaunted Class XII auditors.

Now, I’m very very happy to report that I finally got my L11 win! However, it wasn’t because Dex delivered L11 to me, but because he delivered the Attitude Dismantling Procedure to me. L11 was intended to help a being get rid of ridges (amongst other things), but no auditing thus far has as-ised the ridges I had to the extent that the ADP has. People and situations that I used to ridge at, I don’t ridge at anymore. And since I’m not ridging, it is now effortless to be there and communicate. Actually, both activities, being and communicating, are much more fun. My confront is much more relaxed and natural, my originations are more high-toned, my control is much higher, and a lot of reactivity is gone. A LOT. It’s so noticeable it’s ridiculous. My comm levels and affinity levels are the highest they’ve ever been. And I probably had the biggest cognition of my auditing career with Dex in my last session. It was simple, yet extremely powerful. This was the best result I’ve obtained thus far from a cognition affecting my case. In the church, you can have cog after cog after (meaningless) cog, and because of church duress, you can invent cog after cog after cog (anything to get through the session, right?). [As far as I’m concerned, the only cog worth having while in the church is that you need to leave it.] But my recent cog with Dex wasn’t just a mere realization; it actually unlocked a ton of case gain. I’ve never experienced a piece of self-knowledge, or self-certainty, that affected my case so much.

Thus, I’ve had an extremely large ability gain. One can become “more powerful” (as the church says) when you get rid of your stops, when you get rid of your ridges. With my recent gains due to Dex’ auditing, I can see that I’ve indeed become more powerful, and it’s only because I’ve become more kind. In my book, kindness is power, and I feel I’ve achieved this long-sought state due to Dex’ research, his experience, and yes, his kindness.

And Dex and I aren’t even done with the ADP!! I’m looking forward to more great results!


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