June 5


“I now feel that I have much more of an understanding of life and me, that I have never had before”

JM just had a introductory session with me yesterday. He has had auditing sessions before, but this was his first session with me. He’s now signed on for more processing, and had this to say today:

“Here are some wins that I have had with Dex…

One thing that I now have is that I have the feeling that I can make it in life. Although I am not totally there yet, I would say that just knowing that I can cope and handle whatever comes my way is a big stabilizing feeling. For the longest time I have been being quite “conservative” with life. Afraid to really stick my neck out there, as if I might get “hit” somehow. Now I am much more willing to stand out and be counted. To let others know who I am and what I stand for. I can better hold my position, because I am doing it as me, not some or other identity or beingness. It is a really good feeling inside to know that I am not always wrong and if I am, I can correct it. I don’t need to beat myself up about it anymore. I am also able to let others be right.

There is a very interesting benefit that I have never gotten from any other auditing. That is that I now feel that I have much more of an understanding of life and me, that I have never had before. I am not quite sure exactly what that is all about, but will say that my certainty of life and who I really am is much greater. I am OK with being me. I am sure that I am walking taller and with more certainty that I have in a long time. I feel like I am recovering my personal integrity. WOW! That is huge.

This is not that same old auditing that was available elsewhere. This is real understanding and somehow it gets imparted from auditor to PC. During the session I was totally aware that I was not effect of the auditing like in other auditing. I was actually at cause. I was “running my session.”

There is one other thing I noticed, and that is that I have built barriers up around me, in order to somehow protect myself from something (not sure what), but inevitably, it has acted to limit my success in life and business. This is an extremely interesting revelation. I have never seen this before. But now I see that I have been limiting and actually stopping my own success. Sort of like, “the solution to a problem has now become the problem.” Guess I just need to find the original problem, huh?

I think the big win here is that I am actually discovering who I really am and the “armor” that I have surrounded myself in is being peeled away. A chunk here and a chunk there. What is interesting is that even a day after session I can still feel that “armor” falling to the wayside, little bits at a time. I am sure more will be falling away tomorrow.

I am totally certain that I am now on the right track to where I want to arrive.”

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