April 19


“I feel free to be and act as myself”

NGC 6861, galaxy of the Telescopium group
credit: ESA, Hubble and NASA

LJ came to me feeling the need to resolve something in his life. He had previously experienced Scientology “OT Levels”. After our third session, LJ has this to say:

“A big thank you to Dex for today’s session. It was the first time that we addressed identities. He asked the question and something came up. My first thought was, “What is wrong… this is a good identity..”
But as I delved into it I discovered so much more. With Dex as my skilled tour guide, I found so many things that, although in and of itself, it was good, it was not truly me.
And that is the most important thing to discover. As I removed the enforce feelings… the enforced action… I feel free to be and act as myself.
I can’t wait to see how this unfolds in the future… and it looks bright.
Thanks, Dex!!!”

LJ, April 2015

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