January 29


EJ: From the viewpoint of a very well-experienced PC: “A major viewpoint shift, as well as a major tone scale shift, had occurred”

I’ve had very powerful processes delivered to me, not only on L11 and L10, but also some other very specialized rundowns, so specialized that if I mentioned them here, Flag would be able to identify me.

But Dex’s auditing has meant more to me than what I had envisioned the Ls could give me. The Ls that I had, L11 and L10, have many steps and at some points could be considered quite complicated. I don’t know how auditing that complicated can supposedly go straight to the being. But Dex’s auditing is simple, and powerful. LRH would be pleased, and I daresay, jealous. Dex got me results when I was quite literally at death’s door. That’s what following the advices of Class XII C/Ss and trusting them with my immortality and giving them perpetual donations (but of course!) had gotten me. But Dex has gotten me to a point where I have come closer to the state of many OTs when I first came into Scientology in the 80’s; very clean space, very interested in others, very powerful yet very kind, and the type of person that people want to be around. I hope that you have had a chance to meet OTs like that from the past.

Dex actually delivers the gains the highest processes in the church purport to deliver. He also gave me something I thought I’d never be able to acquire from the time I first read about it, a wholesale “de-encysting” of life force, as described in Science of Survival. I had released some ages-old charge, nothing that the best church auditors with the best processes could ever approach. When I was in the church, a few times I had gotten to some very deep engramic material that occurred this lifetime and it took about two hours simply to get to the incidents. However, Dex recently was able to exhume engramic material that occurred an extremely long time ago, yet it took only about a half hour to dredge up, and the wins were orders of magnitude larger and stable. These comparisons show the efficiency and power of Dex’s auditing vs. vaunted Class XII auditing.

In my last session, many aberrations were as-ised during the course of what we were handling. The auditing Dex was delivering is geared to do that. A major viewpoint shift, as well as a major tone scale shift, had occurred. I can tell you that when I was in the church, the major viewpoint and tone scale shifts were in the opposite direction; I factually was getting worse the higher I got on the Bridge. My OCAs when I left were horrible. I couldn’t believe my answers were either the same or worse than the earliest OCAs I did when I first became a Scientologist, especially after all of the auditing I had received.

The tech as practiced today in the church actually isn’t designed to handle this much charge from the depths of where it was. I can emphatically state that fact after having done L11 and L10. There are things in the tech which are incomplete, in my view. There are aspects of the “tech” as practiced by the church today that guarantee you get BPC (these include actions designed to handle BPC; gotta love the irony!), thus the higher you go up the bridge, the more BPC you have.

I know for myself that I am very lucky to be alive today, and that’s because of Dex. I had accumulated so much BPC by the time I got to the middle of the Bridge, as well as having done many rundowns that were off of the Bridge, that I thought there’d be no way to undo all of that damage, let alone experience some actual case gain. Dex has tech with which to undo the damage of the church, and he has the tech with which to deliver the results the church only dreams about delivering.

Since my affinity has come up, my communication level has come up. And since my responsibility has come up, my control has come up. My willingness to be in comm and be in the space of others has noticeably increased. Barriers, or perceived barriers, have come down. My non-confront, whether if it’s I don’t want to look, I don’t want to think, or I don’t want to control, have all been markedly reduced. Back-off, for any reason, has reduced. Thus my energy has increased since I’m not holding myself back anymore. Anyone can get this “L-10-like” win from Dex for a ridiculous fraction of the cost.

Dex’s auditing at one point had gotten me to a point of being bulletproof. From there, I think I just became bombproof.

If you feel you want to withdraw your support for the church but don’t know where to go, talk to Dex. If you want to experience LRH’s tech before it became perverted, talk to Dex. It will be one of the best actions you’ll do this lifetime.


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