Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling

Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling is the term I coined to describe and distinguish what I do. For me it has been an evolution long in coming, and always ongoing. It is very simple. It is my developed use of counseling techniques developed by myself, sometimes extrapolated from what has come before, sometimes completely my own creations, which are therapeutic, in that I am helping my participants to resolve and/or accomplish the things they need and want to resolve and/or accomplish, for, and within their selves. It is based on the recognitions of one’s own spiritual nature, abilities, and creations. And so, it is Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling.

The core principle of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling is to take up what one’s spiritual compass points to and presents. That means to always address what is “on your mind”, recognizing that this is the manifestation of your own spiritual instinct to deal with that which is most relevant for you in this moment, and therefore will result in the most substantial accomplishment possible for you now. Your spiritual compass is your own natural awareness and instinct to bring out what is most important to you here and now. And so, in Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling, we have this guiding principle:

Always honor your spiritual compass. It will never steer you wrong.

Through Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling, you will come to be better connected to, mindful of, trusting and confident in the reliability of your own spiritual compass, and thus you become more empowered.

This approach ensures that what is addressed in each session is always what is most relevant to the participant.

My guiding purpose and function, and that of anyone else who is or would be a practitioner of Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling, is: To facilitate the accomplishing of the participant’s own goals and purposes for seeking out and participating in Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling. There is no other agenda. The practitioner has no other purpose; there is no standardized or generalized purpose or goal to be forwarded, not that of the practitioner, or of any organization or authority. There is no imposition of anyone else’s concepts of “liberation”, “total freedom”, “perfection of being”, etc. There is only that one purpose:

To facilitate the accomplishing of the participant’s own goals and purposes for seeking out and participating in Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling.

Beyond this, there is recognition of the spiritual architectures of the mind to be addressed and dismantled, there are the principles related to the main principles stated above, there is the further defining of appropriate approach for the practitioner, and there are the techniques to be used, and these are what the balance of my forthcoming book will cover.

I hope you will find it interesting, enlightening and of value to you!


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  • Repair of previous auditing
  • Resurgence of earlier gains
  • Unhandled case items
  • Unaccomplished auditing goals
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