Relief from fears, anxieties, unwanted conditions, and troubling feelings!

Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling is based on the principle that we are all endowed with our own spiritual compass, which presents the mental and spiritual material we most need to address.

Invited and permitted to express, this basic and natural instinct presents the most relevant negative spiritual architectures, which, thus exposed, provide for the greatest meaningful and substantial desired change and improvement we seek.

In experiencing any technique of therapeutic spiritual counseling, there is no “work”, no effort, no digging, no pushing or pulling. Take whatever arises in you through your spiritual compass in response to the question or direction.

Just let your spiritual compass deliver whatever it will in response to the question or direction, to and through you, simply be an empty vessel to be filled with the content that comes to you.

Feel, without effort, resistance or reaction, the energies that are released through you, like drinking a cup of hot tea, and feeling the heat flow through you and dissipate. Nothing that occurs to you will be random and unrelated to the subject at hand, so don’t dismiss what you’re getting, just take what you’re getting. It will all prove relevant, as you simply take that ride.

Uncomfortable feelings or sensations connected to the matter can occur and then pass, incidents and events can come to mind, one after the other, all carriers of the energies expressing as the same feelings, emotions, and sensations.

Simply let these flow through you, for as long as they may continue, until you no longer feel any presence of the energies or the feelings. Until the attitudes or sensations are no longer present. As these express and naturally spiritually digest, things will clarify, the disturbing material will no longer be, and you’ll be left with such feelings as relief, serenity, joy, enthusiasm, freedom, confidence and satisfaction.

Love always,


Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling

Your true inner self is too beautiful to waste your existence having it submerged beneath layers of pain, fear, inhibiting and enforcing attitude and dysfunctional defense. Come to me do the work and be free.