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Free Scientologist

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All too often I’ve observed people expressing unkind and degrading attitudes. I’ve seen practitioners, while posturing as being enlightened, “warn” people against trusting other practitioners, “for the public good”, in very strong and ugly terms, belying their very posturing as enlightened people, and putting a disheartening and discouraging spin on the very idea of people with a common spiritual interest associating together in a grouping for mutual benefit, comradeship and support.

One day, musing over this situation, which I’d seen repeated so many times, it occurred to me that there was something missing from the internet: there was no place where people who embraced similar, but not identical, Scientology-based or related approaches, techniques and modalities could simply share their joys and successes by their chosen means, and offer their observations and successful approaches for others to possibly benefit from, without worry of being ridiculed, shouted down or otherwise rejected or dismissed, where the subject would not be any form of political campaigning against anything, without focusing on “what to oppose”, without hate campaigns, dwelling on the issues of the Church of Scientology or any other directing of attention on hostilities. I perceived an absence of a place where we all could peaceably, acceptingly and encouragingly express ourselves about the positives, the focus on the pure joy of attaining spiritual liberations, and inspiring exchanges of principles relating to processing ideas and techniques.

I personally came to outgrow the narrow confines of “standard Scientology”, and expanded my capabilities as a counselor through open-source research, rather than continuing to bind myself to the “Keeping Scientology Working” paradigm of L. Ron Hubbard, who imposed absolutely on his flock that he alone was “source”, and that the contributions of anyone else would only ruin things.  The “Keeping Scientology Working” mantra imposed hostility and antagonism toward anyone who thought they were capable of generating a valid idea relating to processing techniques. This indoctrination, basic to all “standard” Scientology training, makes it very difficult for people to get along once they step out and away from the “bubble” of the Church of Scientology, and, as frequently happens over time, grant themselves permission to have original ideas on the subject. Some people retain the full force of their indoctrination, and blame the ills of the Church of Scientology purely on “the failure to do what Ron said”, and consequently, these folks tend to be very intolerant of anything less than complete adherence to those ideas, and can have their hands full feuding with each other, as happens within the Church of Scientology, where it is common for people to blame and criticize each other as being “out-tech squirrels”.

It occurred to me that there was much value in creating an oasis of sorts, a breath of fresh air, in which we all could simply experience the pleasure of expressing our own individual views, experiences, observations and successes, whatever they may be, with the accent completely on the positive, only encouragement, support, and appreciation. I came up with the term “Free Scientologist”, and defined it thusly:

(Mission Statement-“Free Scientologist”):

Due to the connotations, groupings and individuations that have evolved over the years in relation to the terms “freezoner” and “independent Scientologist”, I’m electing to coin a fresh term, “free Scientologist”, devoid of the considerations of pro- and anti- CoS, pro- and anti- Marty Rathbun, Miscaviage, and any and all other game-players, disaffections and allegiances, as they all stray from the basic purpose.

A free Scientologist is, simply, and only, one who actively works to accomplish, for self and others, case gain (both positive and negative) and enlightenment (knowledge and awareness of the truths of existence) through learning and applying the principles and techniques of Scientology, and/or related means, as they themselves define or see fit. A free Scientologist’s view of what is and isn’t Scientology is subject and open to change, growth and evolution as they make their journey.

No other strictures apply to this term, as I have coined it. I am a free Scientologist, and I grant acceptance and beingness to all to whom this definition applies, without prejudice.

With this purpose and these parameters in place, I created the Facebook group, “Free Scientologist”. Since then, other Facebook groups with the same and/or similar names have sprung up, some of them perhaps bearing some degree of commonality in scope or purpose, or not, but each being to some degree different and individual.  I set my Facebook group “Free Scientologist” to have “secret” status, which means that nobody outside of the group can see who is in the group, or what they say in the group. I did this primarily to protect the identities of people who have family/friend/business/employment connections with people who are members of the Church of Scientology, because if they were “outed” as non-adherents, the would be greatly at risk of enforced disconnection policies that sever connections with such people. It is understood that group members do not share the names of other group members or what they say with those outside the group, unless specific permission has been given first.

The group is now in its third year, with well over 100 participating members. If you support the Free Scientologist mission statement as given above, and would like to join the fun, send me a “friend request” and a message over Facebook!


Therapeutic Spiritual Counseling

Your true inner self is too beautiful to waste your existence having it submerged beneath layers of pain, fear, inhibiting and enforcing attitude and dysfunctional defense. Come to me do the work and be free.