Week 12: Removing Persona Projections

Introduction to Module

As we continue our journey of Honoring Your Spiritual Compass, this week we’ll be discussing Removing Persona Projections:

Between 2 people in any given relationship, there are 4 “personality images” projected and received:

These projected “personality images” are 3-dimensional holographic energy constructs, and they hold in place the attitudes and feelings projected between the other person and you.

These projected personalities are filters that color our attitudes and perceptions. They can also deny us the ability to be present in the moment and to recognize every moment as the unique and individual experience that it is.

Ultimately, these projections can encumber and leave both people in a degrading state of damaging automatic behaviors. When this happens, relationships become “toxic”. 

Actionable Tip: Follow the link below to do a brief exercise to deconstruct these ongoing identity constructs. Then, those involved can rediscover and regain the expansive underlying selves that had become obscured by the “personality images”.

The intended end result: Freedom and relief from the unwanted effects of the relationship, a restoration of self in respect to the relationship and the regained ability to recognize each experience with the other person as fresh and new.

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