Week 13: Stripping Away a False Self

Introduction to Module

What does it mean to Strip Away a False Self?

In this week’s exploration of Honoring Your Spiritual Compass, I’d like to focus on this powerful concept…

Actionable Tip: Decide on a “persona” or “self” that imposes certain behaviors, attitudes, and reactions on you. Give this persona a name—i.e., “Joe”, or “Jealous Guy”, or “Nervous Angel.” Choose whatever feels most accurate for you.

Next, determine where this persona projects from. Tune into your body. Where do you feel this “self” coming from? This could be from above your head, or in front of your body. It could also be coming from your gut or your chest.

For next steps, download this week’s book section and follow along with each prompt… by the time you finish this technique, I assure you you’ll feel more present and clear than before.

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