An holistic perspective: Personality and Free Spirit.

From the holistic spiritual perspective, a fixed set of characteristics is not natural to a being. It is something indoctrinated, taken on, and/or imposed, and it is a limiting filter and projector of attitude, behavior, and ability to experience. Any persona is...

Transcend the provided guidance to find your own voice!

Transcend the provided guidance to find your own voice!

If your sense of self-worth hangs on how well you know and apply rules and principles laid down by others, you need to not fear to find your own voice, or do so despite your fears. Often in life, there are learning curves to be navigated, opportunities for education...

The paradox that is “human nature”.

The paradox that is “human nature”: constantly trying to get rid of something that only exists through your projecting, to try to have something that has already and always been here for you.

Fearing to be without it.

How often we cling to what cages, compromises, or poisons our souls, fearing to be without it. I can help those so encumbered to transcend the fears that bind us.

Empathy, which is essentially love…

Empathy, which is essentially love, is the underlying state of being that is free to emerge when you allow your projections of the idea of unacceptance to drop away in relation to the person you are engaging with. Love, Dex