“I’m beyond words for what you’re doing for me, Dex!”

C.J., based in the UK, has traveled far and wide over the years, to engage in “upper level” spiritual paradigms that many here are familiar with. He has connected with me recently for his ongoing sessions, and was moved to share the following:

“I’m beyond words for what you’re doing for me, Dex! How did you come up with all this? I’m incredibly amazed, pure brilliance!”

C.J., June 2019


“Dramatic Increase in Freedom”-“I am loving this!”

Dramatic Increase in Freedom
For years I have been held back by my limiting beliefs which prevented me from moving forward into the life that I would like to lead. Recently I have found myself doing a variety of activities in my chosen field with much more ease, instead of out of compulsion or guilt. I am loving this!
Thank you, Dex!
C.C., June 2019

“People Are Noticing”

People Are Noticing
I recently reconnected with a friend who I had not seen in some months, since before I started working with Dex. My friend immediately commented how much more relaxed, confident, and carefree I have become and wanted to know my secret!  He also thought I looked healthier too. This all from someone who knows me well!

Thank you, Dex!
C.G., June 2019

“Life is different after our session”

“Hi Dex, life is different after our session. Got more done last week,
lost three pounds, feel more engaged, more moments of tingling joy.”
Geir Isene, June 2019

“I didn’t expect to be feeling like this!”

T.C. is himself a practitioner, who has come to me to resolve the feelings and internal conditions that have been disturbing him, depressing him, and hampering his accomplishing of  his purposes…

“I’m restored, feeling the positives in me, my existence is valid! I didn’t expect to be feeling like this!”

(T.C., after today’s session, June 2019)

“I’m greatly impressed by the Spiritual Compass”

I’m greatly impressed by the Spiritual Compass. As I focus on the feelings embedded in the conditions that disturb me as guided in my sessions with Dex, I find myself guided to precisely what needs to come up, and in turn back to more root causes of the specific “bigger” issue Dex and I are tackling in sessions.

— C.N., June 2019

“I continue to be in awe of the effectiveness of the relationship healing technique”

I continue to be in awe of the effectiveness of the Relationship Healing Technique. After just one session I noticed immediate improvements in a critical relationship at work. Now, weeks later, this same relationship has continued to blossom and grow without follow up sessions on this issue from Dex. It’s incredible!

— K. G., June 2019

T.C.: Working Towards a Goal

Dex’s organization of a session is really remarkable. I previously tried processing some of the issues Dex and I are working on, and I’ve gotten lost in my own “stuff” along the way.

As we get closer to the root of my disruption (or at least some very major drivers!) I’m impressed at how the sessions and questions allow me to address what needs to come up while still working towards a goal.

I continue to have stable gains on the relationship fixing technique, and am excited to see how my work with Dex continues!

— T.C., May 2019